(A Very) Experimental Threading in R

I’ve been trying to find a way to introduce threads to R. I guess there can be many reasons to do that, among which I could mention simplified input/output logic, sending tasks to the background (e.g. building a model asynchronously), running computation-intensive tasks in parallel (e.g. parallel, chunk-wise var() on a large vector). Finally, it’s … More (A Very) Experimental Threading in R

A new `subprocess` package for R

Here’s a new package that brings to R new API to handle child processes – similar to how Python handles them. Unlike the already available system() and system2() calls from the base package or the mclapply() function from the parallel package, this new API is aimed at handling long-lived child processes that can be controlled by the parent R process in a … More A new `subprocess` package for R

Mt. Rainier

Pod koniec października, korzystając z ostatnich w tym roku dni bez deszczu, wybraliśmy się do Parku Narodowego Mt. Rainier. Sama góra to wciąż czynny wulkan (chyba też dość niebezpieczny…). Na szczęście tym razem spał i tylko swoimi rozmiarami przypominał, kto tak naprawdę jest tu górą. Park jest olbrzymi! Piesza trasa wokół wulkanu to jakieś 5 dni … More Mt. Rainier

Subprocess in R?

I’ve been trying to find a R equivalent to Python’s subprocess and so far I’ve failed. Since a capability to handle child processes in a way that’s more sophisticated than a simple system() call (R has two of them, system() and system2()) might turn out handy I decided to build a new package for R. It’s name is … More Subprocess in R?